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Invest in yourself. Set your goals, commit, and take action.

Do you want to achieve a specific goal, make a significant change, or resolve a problem? The coaching service is the right approach!

As a single mother of three, I've had to review, examine, dissect, and comprehend the whys and hows of myself and others around me many times over the years. It was not an easy task. I must state unequivocally that it was not the case. Oh, there were tears, fistfights, an empty fridge, and an inability to pay off my bills or get vital necessities.

I didn't intend to play the victim card, but I did felt as if I didn't belong in society. Years before COVID-19, namely the mask era, made it appear less alone in the struggle when the virus first appeared.

I had a number of interviews at that time, but I was rarely hired, or perhaps I wasn't hireable at all, thus I was stuck with unfulfilling employment, usually none!! I was genuinely stuck this time, especially because I had forgotten what I was good at. My conflicts were waged on my knees. When there was so much to live for, I couldn't afford to wear a rope around my neck, and why should I? It was essential for me to be true to my highest self.

I realised I needed to fix wounds I thought were healed throughout the toughest chapters of my life because of how adept I was at suppressing memories. A simple – or incredibly harsh – word, judgement, or misunderstanding may have made me feel victimised at times, well, a lot of times, until I learnt to go within and find a stronger passion to serve a purpose.

Instead of focusing on and rehashing all of the negative voices in my head, I concentrated on ME and hushed my thoughts, enabling the light of my awareness of others, our responsibility to ourselves, and our involvement in life to shine through, allowing me to walk in love and light.

One thing I never did was give up during the entire process. I founded businesses, searched for my purpose, remade myself, and am finally finding myself in the light.

Emotional or mental barriers frequently keep us "stuck" and prevent us from achieving our objectives. I'd want to help you identify and remove these hurdles so you can go to the next level.

By integrating my skills with my NLP Practitioner and Transformational Certification, as well as my Life Coaching foundation, I'm working towards the ICF to better assist you. Meanwhile, I offer advice to individuals and professionals on how to manage stress and find meaning in their job and lives. I make it a point to assist people in increasing their self-awareness, compassion, and clarity so that they may live and work more purposefully.


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