To travel from one place to another, you must take some action.
Darkness, on the other hand, has a thickness to it that breathes suflure into your lungs, leaving you locked and immobile. Even if you desire to, your willingness is held captive, instilling complecency in your mind and storing all the joy, love, and happiness that previously made you feel free.

Darkness is light, and it allows your most horrifying secrets to remain hidden in obscurity for as long as possible, which is the polar opposite of what we deem secure; it's no surprise that we wonder what a normal existence is. They're both radiant! Because the source of light is open, exposed, and provides In retaliation, darkness steals the brightness from us. As a result, darkness is a susceptible entity without a physical form, capable of snatching our ideas and replacing them with his.

Deals are done behind closed doors as a result, and falsehoods are kept hidden. Because the desire to please comes easily, there's no need to dazzle you with what you're prepared to give up. If you allow the Mighty Light to shine through you, God sees you in your mess, helps you heal, helps you make sense of your difficulties, goes ahead, and, in a nutshell, helps you figure out where you should go. The process may take years, but the payoff will finally come. As a result, you'll have to dig within yourself to figure out what's causing your feelings and actions. Even if your life will look to be too wonderful to be true on the surface, keep an eye on your back. He mimics in mocking to deceive you in your light, knows all the proper things to say and don't say to trap you beneath his claws, which are visible since he is too quick at "taking, killing, and destroying." The strongest light, however, will illuminate who the beast truly is, even if the beast is you.

So how do you make the transition from darkness to light? You take yourself away from the clutter of your mind and put it in the hands of the one who freely gave himself to us! It is a fact that is requested to be proven; it is only requested by those who want to SEE before receiving. The issue is, you can't open your mind literally to see what's going on while you're alive, but you know when you have too much going on up there because you know that you know. Your soul knows the route, just as it knows left from right, yet the truth is that we have become insensitive to receiving the source of the light that we all seek in order to perform in glory.

How do you know what is good and what is bad? Which path to take? Despite the data being "right in front of us," most people reject clarity because their minds are so muddled by the cloud of darkness. We only understood right from wrong because we were taught, and we grew up around it and quickly realised that it was, in fact, the cornerstone of existence. Every little issue is hidden beneath every major one, but the primary conflict is about what is right or wrong, good or wicked morality. They come in handy in both our professional and personal lives. We make proper or wrong judgements every day, every second of every minute, turning left or right, and yet we are so accustomed to it. We don't create or add value to it because it is easier to live without knowing the reason why. Until WHY becomes the reason, the path, we must truly start to live.

There are a few steps to take to discover your WHY:
•Align yourself by renewing your mind.
• Breathe life into yourself through affirmations.
• Practice walking in love and in light.
• Take time for yourself, alone with your mind.
• Through the clarity of mind, discover new things.
• Connect with nature.
• Be thankful daily.
• Make a list of priorities and see them through.

You will enable the source of light to position you where you need to be by using your will to cleanse your thoughts. You will desire to pursue your mission if you have clarity about who you are.

Even if you do not believe in the Source, you must separate from the darkness in order to stand in your light, for clarity is where sanity exists.

MARCH 3, 2022

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