Stop Wondering What Your Strenghts Are:
Learn Yours Today!

Do we really know ourselves?
Do we actually comprehend our capabilities? Is it feasible to achieve and achieve them all without ever wanting to quit up? I believe we are all capable of giving up at times, particularly when we are under strain. I guarantee that just by taking this path, you are already strong, but let's speak about your mental toughness.

Everyone on the planet has been through a horrific incident, whether it was emotional, physical, or relational. When we are suffering as a result of these traumas, we must look within to find the strength to fight another day. We are never more than one decision away from making a decision!

It takes a lot to be strong, yet it's all in the simple things that are sometimes misinterpreted by many people. For various reasons, many people believe that being strong entails never crying. Some people believe that happiness can only be achieved by having a wonderful time and being surrounded by a large number of friends or by refusing to acknowledge feelings of hurt. Let me assure you, there is no shame in expressing your feelings.

Asking for help when you need it is a sign of mental toughness. Putting your scars on display for the sake of helping someone else who is in dire need of strength, even if you don't have all the solutions, Mental toughness is the ability to feel, perform, and think at a high level, such as: 

• The ability to handle adversity in a healthy manner.
• Recognizing your emotions and knowing when to confront them and when to ignore them

What can I do to help you uncover your talents today? I can't tell you what your strengths are, but I'm sure you'll figure them out on your own. Because I think you have the determination to see the light within yourself and grasp what is essential. Here are some of the first things you should recognise and do for yourself:

• Make thankfulness a habit.
• Perform acts of generosity at random.
• Let go of the things you don't have control over.
• Make a list of the things that are most important to you in life.

Manifest in you when you stand in front of the mirror:

• I value the vital aspects of life
• I appreciate the important things in life
• I am thankful for what I have (I am blessed)
• I am the righteousness of God 
• I am happy for others
• I walk by faith and not by sight (I let go of the things that are out of my control)

Conducting behavioural tests can help you more quickly face unproductive and self-limiting thoughts. Pick a few mental toughness traits from the list below, scribble them down in the comments section, read them out loud to yourself, and smile.

I am mentally powerful because I am conscious of my feelings.
2. My ambition is to be successful.
3. I am a great believer in making errors and learning from them.
4. I'd like to help others.
5. I am a fantastic listener.
6. I am a tenacious person.

Because you believe in #moveoflight, I think you will succeed.
He gives the weak power and the helpless strength. 40:29 Isaiah
Seek the Lord and his strength at all times; seek his face at all times. 16:11–18 in 1 Chronicles

FeBRUARY 27, 2022

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